Top two best Digital Wallets in Nepal

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Top two best Digital Wallets in Nepal
(Last Updated On: December 30, 2018)

Introduction to Digital Wallets

In today’s world, everything is being digitized. Nowadays many people in Nepal have stopped carrying heavy wallets or purse loaded with full of cash and Debit or credit cards. With the development of digital wallets or e-wallets, people now have been able to transfer or receive payments and can track their transaction using mobile phones. This type of trend is being popular in Nepal due to the simplicity of making a transaction. People started feeling more secure, safe and reliable on monetary transactions.

What do digital wallets or e-wallets mean?

Digital wallets or Mobile wallets or E-wallets can be defined as a way of performing monetary transactions through electronic devices like mobile phones. Making the use of Mobile Apps, Internet, and SMS are few examples of the digital transaction. To start using this type of digital wallets, one need to register accounts. To register an account you need to provide your phone number and email address. Using digital wallets are very easy. once you have completed your registration, users need to log in with their credentials. Now they can load balance on their e-wallets and make any suitable transactions.


Top two best Digital Wallets in Nepal

eSewa was Developed in 2009 by F1soft. It is one of the most popular digital wallets in Nepal. Because of the popularity and the services it has offered, it has managed to gain thousands of users. Money license is provided by the Nepal Rastra Bank to eSewa.Due to which it has been able to expand its horizon. It also has managed to create a trust in people.

With the help of eSewa, people can make online transactions at ease. we can use esewa for booking of movie tickets, doing online shopping or even making the flight reservation. Making payments via eSewa is easy You can make payment in few simple clicks. Some major multiplexes like Q’s Cinema, BigMovies, BSR Movies, View Cinemas Butwal, and F-Cube Cinemas accepts payment via eSewa for a ticket booking. Not only that both domestic and international flight tickets can be booked using the eSewa wallet.

eSewa additional services

eSewa has partnered with some renowned airline companies like Yeti Air, Buddha Air, Saurya Air, Shree Air and Simrik Air for the domestic air ticket booking. For online shopping purposes, popular names like Sastodeal.comolizstore.comSmart, and  have made a payment gateway with eSewa.Recently” Daraz” the leading name in the online shopping business started accepting payment via eSewa.

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There are more services provided by eSewa.  eSewa can be a convenient medium for utility bills payment. Now users can pay Internet bills, newspaper subscription, and telephone bills using eSewa Wallet. Even nowadays user can make a payment of Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA) through this wallet. In addition, postpaid and prepaid users of NTC, Ncell or smart cell and CDMA can also find better and easy way on recharging or topping up their mobile balance using eSewa.

Not only these, but eSewa has also stepped ahead to be an exclusive digital remittance partner of Western Union. through which eSewa is acting as a medium to send and receive remittance.

This E-wallet has a mobile app for making easy transactions. Users can also use eSewa services via SMS, which is free of cost. Furthermore, This wallet not only offers free services but also offers cash backs on the transactions. Due to Rewards on transaction user of eSewa Wallet has been increasing day by day.

You can Download eSewa Digital Wallet App for Both Android and iOS Devices

Download eSewa for Android

Download eSewa for iOS


Top two best Digital Wallets in Nepal

In 2017 late January Khalti was launched at CAN Infotech. Within one year of time, it has offered a wonderful lineup of services. With such expanded services. Before one year eSewa was only the digital wallet in Nepal. After the launch of khalti, it breaks the monopoly of eSewa Wallet.  Khalti was also honored on the Google Business Group storytelling contest a few months back. The company had not just won the contest but was also declared as the People’s Choice Winner at that time.

Few months backs Khalti was accessible only through the Android app and web platform. But Starting from the last September, it has started to serve the iOS users as well.

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Khalti wallet doesn’t have many services as leading eSewa has. The services like mobile balance top-up, paying telephone, DTH and ISP bills, movie ticket booking and online domestic air ticket booking are available through this wallet. Furthermore, Khalti can be used to purchase the Kaspersky Anti-virus. On the purchase of any kinds of the Kaspersky Anti-virus, Khalti is providing a  28.5% of cashback.

Khalti additional services

Khalti is expanding its lineup of services to drive the nation to a cashless digital ecosystem. It is trying to become the leader in that business. This digital wallet has also become a medium for paying Khanepani and Electricity bills in Nepal.

Currently, Khalti has teamed up with Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited, and Mega Bank Nepal Limited.

You can Download khalti Digital Wallet App for Both Android and iOS Devices

Download Khalti for Android

Download Khalti for iOS

So, these are the Top two Digital Wallets in Nepal. You can download their Mobile Apps from respective links and just start using them. If you like this content please share it with your friends. Help us to make Completely Digital Nepal.

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