The Story behind Honor view 20 All View Display

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The Story behind Honor view 20 All View Display
(Last Updated On: December 30, 2018)

The Story behind Honor view 20 All View Display

A few days back, Huawei Smartphone Sub- Brand Honor announced the new upcoming smartphone called view 20. The packed out Event was held on Hong Kong city. They announced Honor view 20 exciting device for a couple of reasons. Here we will discuss The Story behind Honor view 20 All View Display.

The first exciting thing is it comes with the 48MP rear camera. According to the company Honor View 20 can shot quality photos as you get from DSLR camera.

The most exciting part of it is display because it ditches the dreaded notch completely. Unlike Vivo Nex and Honor Magic 2, Honor view 20 has a small hole on the top left corner of the screen. This technique helps to make full-screen display phone. The small hole at top left conceals the front-facing camera.


The Story behind Honor view 20 All View Display

The Story behind Honor view 20 All View Display

The story of how this features works on Honor view 20

Here we have done deep research about Huawei Honor success. We have got a golden opportunity to learn how these features work on this device. It was very difficult to position a camera hole in this phone. First of all, the company experimented with three different positions of the front-facing camera. First, they tried on the top-left corner at center and then finally on the top right corner.

Europe and China are the two largest markets for Honor phones. so they send some prototype to their consumers to ask their opinions. After this research, they came to know to place the camera on the top left corner of the phone is the best. Because most of the consumers flavored the position.

Which position is better for placing camera?

We can take a close look at our own smartphone and decide is it a better place for placing the camera. Honor view 20 uses a partially penetrating approach for All view display. For this reason, they decided to place the camera on left top corner because battery and time information is placed on the right side. The display screen on device consists of the total of 18 distinct layers. whereas camera only cuts only one layer out of 18 distinct layers. This light glued plate is located next to the TFT Element where a camera is placed.

The Story behind Honor view 20 All View Display

The Story behind Honor view 20 All View Display

Experimenting with drilled hole on Display of Honor view 20

Honor experimented by drilling a hole through every layer of the display screen for the first time. But there as a problem forcing it to abandon that approach. Because ” If you drill a hole on the glass then the glass  can be shard easily.” So, In order to drill a hole, we required a large border for that hole. As Honor representative explains this may leak in or leak out light

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If Honor drilled a hole through all layers then selfie hole would be bigger Around 6.7mm instead of 4.5mm. The partially penetrating hole made Honor to give full view display.

It is confirmed that on-screen cameras are the future. We can see in screen cameras design smartphone in future and this will inevitably usurp all others approaches. According to Honor representative in future after 1-2 years this will be the solution that could deliver full-screen display.

But the fact is Honor is not only the company which is experimenting with hole punch front facing a camera. The upcoming phone from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S10 is also going to have full view display. We can believe on some leaks renders that are found on the internet about Samsung Galaxy S10.

Wrapping up

Honor is planning to launch this Honor view 20 in Europe at the end of January 2019. The event will be held in Paris. But in China, this phone is formally unveiled at an event held in Beijing on December 26, 2018. I am happy to say, we are pretty excited about Honor view 20. Therefore, if you have any questions related to this The Story behind Honor View 20 All view display then let us know in the comment section below.

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