My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

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My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

It is impossible for us to talk about futures of smartphone in upcoming years. Because there is a huge change in smartphone technology these days. Despite this, today I am going to share my Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones. You may see these predictions after 10,20 or 50 years.

Hence, let’s predict about upcoming future smartphones, which may come before 2020 or after 50 years.

Mind Control Phone

My first crazy prediction on the future smartphone is Mind Control Phones. On today’s date, you may be using a smartphone by touching or through voice control. You may have controlled your smartphone using voice commands as like Google Assistants and Siri. Maybe in the future upcoming phone, you may not have to touch or speak the command to use your phone. All you have to do is just think on your mind and everything will be automatic.

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

If you want to send WhatsApp SMS to somebody just think about a message on the brain.  Your Phone will auto-detect it and Send your message. Just think about watching videos on youtube or browsing MyDigitalNepal website. Your smartphone will do all the job for you.

You can Change Phone settings just by thinking. Like just think about increasing or decreasing brightness or even closing WiFi, Phone will do it automatically. There will not be requirements for touching your phone.

This prediction seems very long future technology. But the reality is different because of the Facebook team is already working in this technology. A scientist of MIT had made a device which name is AlterEgo which works on the same prediction. Therefore we may see this technology very soon in upcoming smartphones.

Over The Air Charging

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

This is one of my prediction that we may see soon on upcoming smartphones. You all know about Wireless Charging. In which phone is kept upper the particular charging pad and the phone starts charging. Over the air charging is such a concept in which you just entered a room and the phone automatically starts charging. There will be no any requirements of keeping the phone on the table or charging pouch. Use your phone normally as you used to do before and the phone will be charging even while we use.

This technology also seems to be very future technology but there is a company called Energous which is already working in this field. This company is working in Wireless charging 2.0 technology.

Stretchable Smartphone Display

In 2018, we already have seen first foldable phone by Samsung, LG, and Huawei. But now in the upcoming future, we may see the phone with a stretchable screen display. The actual problem of a foldable phone was screen is stretchable to only 12MM. To overcome this issue stretchable display will help in upcoming future phones.

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

A stretchable display is possible because at The George Washington University first flexible Integrated Circuit(IC) is introduced. Now the most required thing is Flexible Battery. When we combine all these components there will be a perfect stretchable screen display phone. In near future, you may see these types of smartphones.

Auto color changing Smartphone 

When you buy a new phone and after using for a few days feel bored. Many people buy the cover with a different color to give a new look to your smartphone. But what if your phone change color automatically. This technology is possible by placing a few sensors and light inside a glass.

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

Your smartphone color will be changed according to your mood. New gradient color technology can also be implemented inside it. This seems possible by implementing few things inside glass body. Despite this, if you are able to this all just by thinking color in your mind then that would be great. Just think how your phone should look like and will convert into the same color within a second. Isn’t that interesting?. This idea will make a very futuristic smartphone in the upcoming days.

Disappearance of Smartphone

This is one of the interesting topics that we are discussing. Here, we are talking about some crazy predictions for a future smartphone, what happens if the smartphone disappears in the upcoming days. which means we will have smart wearable like a holo lens. This my predictions that smartphone will disappear after 30 to 40 years.

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones

At that time you just have to wear glass and think what you want to do. You can call, watch youtube videos, play games, listen to music etc. You just have to think and glass will do everything for you. There may be an integration of AR Technology likewise a Holo lens.

During that moment we will not talk about the smartphone. We will talk about smart Glasses.

Wrapping up:

So these are My Crazy Predictions for future Smartphones. Hope you have enjoyed a lot reading this article. What do you think about these predictions?. Let me know your views in the comment section below. Catch you in the next article. stay happy stay cool.

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