How to Get Slow Motion video on any Huawei and Honor Phones

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How to Get Slow Motion video on any Huawei and Honor Phones
(Last Updated On: December 9, 2018)

How to Get Slow Motion video on any Huawei and Honor Phones

Many people are requesting to make a tutorial on how to enable  Slow motion video on Huawei and Honor phones. I would say it’s not possible and many of you know that is not going to happen unless your device hardware device supports it. Slow Motion video is not all about software but also it should have supported hardware.

But nothing is impossible nowadays. I have discovered a way by which you can get slow motion video to work on your Huawei and Honor devices. But you need to be concerned about your phone warranty because this process will void your phone warranty.

I think you have already guessed, what I am going to talk about?. Yes, you need to Unlock Bootloader and ROOT your phone. Without ROOT these things are never going to happen.

Steps to  Get Slow Motion video Features On Rooted Phones

If you have completed Unlocking Bootloader and Rooted your phone then flash Magisk. After flashing Magisk, Flash the P20 Camera Module. This process will replace your stock camera with P20 Camera in which you will find Slow Motion Video option. This option will work fine in Honor 9 Lite too and all other Huawei and Honor phones.

Some Requirements and Limitations 

  1. You must be on your Stock ROM because this requires the stock gallery library files to work properly.
  2. You need proper lighting to get clear video. this is because of Hardware Limitations.
  3. The video quality will be low. That means you cannot get HD quality Video.

Download P20 Camera Module

How to Get Slow Motion video on any Huawei and Honor Phones

What’s Working with the P20 Camera module

- Aperture
- Portrait
- Photo
- Video
- Pro Mode
- Night Shot
- Light Painting
- Panorama
- Time-lapse
- Good food
- Document Scan
- Filter
- Watermark
- QR-Code-Scanner (v1.3+; Photo mode the Button in the upper left corner)
- Slow-Mo (needs stock gallery; only works on stock ROM)
- Switching from Camera to Video Mode the Camera closes about a second and reopen at once.

How to Get Slow Motion video on any Huawei and Honor Phones

Video Sample

Warning: Try this tutorial at your own risk. whatever you do with your phone is your responsibility. you cannot point your finger at me for having your phone bricked. If you do so I will laugh at you.

Special thanks for @Darkest-Dark for making this module


If this tutorial was helpful to you then please share it with others. But if you have doubts and queries then let us know them through the comment section below. That’s all for today meet you soon on the next one.

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